7 Tips On How To Set & Achieve Your Goals In This New Decade

Date: Jan 30, 2020

At some point in our lives, we all want to achieve something. Whether large or small, we all have hopes and dreams for the future. We hope that at some point in our lives we are able to accomplish something that is significant to ourselves. It’s just simply part of who we are, a norm of our society, a part of our survival instincts along with the strong desire to thrive.

It’s not easy achieving goals in life. Couple this fact with the need to reach for something better than what we have today, it’s no surprise that frustration eventually sets in. And when we seemingly fail, the ridicule and humiliation makes it difficult to immediately bounce back.

The greatest problem that people face is their failure to set their goal the right way. And when they set their goals, their approach to achieving them is all wrong. The best way to achieve any goal is to set them right away and to work toward acting on them and achieving them over time.

Achieving any goal requires serious self-discipline. We need to be fully aware of our every action and we must be able to overcome some of the bad habits that could be holding us back. Here are 7 tips that will allow you set and achieve your goals in this new decade.

1. Be specific about your goals. The first step is to get very specific about what you intend to achieve. Make sure that it is measurable so you can track and record your actions. Be detailed with what you want to achieve. Avoid general statements like, “I want to be rich.” because it defeats the purpose of the entire process if we don’t get the first step right.

If your goals are financial in nature, it would be best to determine a specific amount of money. For instance, if you intend to have a net worth of one million in the next 24 months, your plan must include earning Php20,000 per month in the next 12 months by working with a service business. The point is, you must be extremely specific about your goal. And when you’re specific about a a goal, it materializes. It advances from abstract to reality. You might want to consider writing it all down too.
2. Make sure your goals are meaningful. We usually do more to achieve a goal if it has a deep-rooted meaning to us, as opposed to achieving something that’s superficial. If you want to have a one million net worth simply because of the status it affords, you’re likely not going to be successful in realizing your goal.

If your financial goals are associated with a deep meaning, like providing a comfortable home for your family, then they are more likely to be achieved. You can’t just want things just because you want it. When those meanings involve family, security, love and freedom, we have a tendency to see things through. We won’t end up giving up easily on these goals even if come across some large hurdles along the way.
3. Choose goals that are achievable. It’s good to set grand goals. Ten years down the road, we can achieve anything we want for as long as we work hard during the entire time. However, make sure that your one to three year goals are realistically attainable. For instance, it’s not wise to say that you’ll live in a mansion in the most posh area of the city when you can barely pay for your bills.

When you set achievable goals, you’re more likely to achieve them and develop some momentum in the process to reach the grand goal. Perhaps, setting a goal to be able to pay all your bills on time by the end of the first year and have 10% of your salary in the bank monthly for a year. Then by the 2nd year, you can elevate your goal to saving up enough to move to a condo. By achieving these mini-goals you set yourself up with the right motivation to keep going until you get that mansion in the poshest area in the city.
4. Set goals that are relevant. Take a moment to think about everything that you value and the principles you believe in. Make a list of the things that make you who you are and choose goals that are aligned with your beliefs and value.
5. Your goals must be time-bound. When do you intend on achieving your goal? Your answer must be specific in terms of how many years into the future do you intend to reach this milestone. If your goal is specific and measurable, you will be able to track your progress along the way. You can easily identify markers that may cause some delays or that might derail you from the actual path. By being able to chart your progress you make sure you are on the right track every time.
6. Evaluate your progress. You’ve set a time in your life when you want to achieve your grand goal, so you must make sure you’re stay the course. Evaluate how you’ve done from the day you decided on this goal, see how else you can make it happen given the current circumstances. Decide on a system on how you should assess your development and do so on a daily basis. This will be your gauge towards success.
7. Don’t be afraid to re-adjust the manner in which you reach your goals. The process we chose at the beginning to achieve our goal is not set in stone. We can make some adjustments along the way if we feel we are not on the right track. Because we evaluate our goals on a daily basis, we can see immediately if we are getting further away from what we want to achieve. We should make the necessary changes in our approach and correct them.

The new year in 2020 is a new decade and fresh start for many. Make this the beginning of something big. Make every day worth while and live the life you’ve always wanted.

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