14 Ways to Make The Most Out Of Condo Living in the Philippines

Date: Sep 24, 2019

Condominiums are residential solutions for those who live in the metro areas or foreigners looking for accommodations, without buying full-blown house and lots that tend to be more expensive in the cities. Since land supply is scarce and extremely expensive, people are looking to downsize their homes.

Investors find condominiums to be profitable from rentals, so as someone who plans to buy or live in a condo, there are some things that need to be considered. Compact living shouldn’t sacrifice the lifestyle of different tenants.

Easier to clean and manage. Fixed association fees are expensive.
Safer with surveillance and security. Misuse of fees by condo management.
Easy access to convenient amenities. Less privacy because people live closer.
More affordable than house and lots. Restricting rules, less freedom.
Better property appreciation due to demand. Difficult to sell, compared to newer units.

Regardless of whether you’re living alone or with your family, here’s how to make the most out of condo living in the Philippines:


  1. If you’re looking to decorate your rental, you can try shopping in Dapitan Arcade or surplus shops for second-hand furniture. Most of the time, vintage pieces have unique designs and better quality compared to fast-produced furniture.
  2. Use a daybed or sofa-bed in your living room, so it can double as a sleeping arrangement when you have other guests over, or if you live in a studio. It can also save space if you plan to use the bedroom for another purpose like a home office or extra storage space.
  3. While having a decent dining table can be a highlight to a beautiful home, it may not be as practical for condominiums. You can try choosing a foldable or drop-down table that can also function as a cooking prep counter or work station.
  4. Instead of a coffee table, opt for a wine cart instead. It’s mobile, so you can bring it wherever you need it around the unit, and can be put away when it’s not needed.
  5. If you do plan on keeping furniture in one place, choose something with thinner frames made of wood or metal, or transparent acrylic, to give the illusion of wider space.
  6. Similarly, you can use mirrors as decor, together with hanging paintings and photo frames, to make use of the wall space without cluttering the unit too much.
  7. Carpets make great floor decor, however they can be difficult to maintain, so try getting multiple rugs that are easy to put in the wash. Microfiber rugs are recommended for trapping dirt. They also come in a variety of designs and colors that would suit your taste.
  8. For storage solutions, the key is to make use of the vertical spaces like stackable boxes, ceiling bars for hanging clothes, and tall drawers.
  9. Keep your space clutter-free by scheduling a declutter session once a day, or once a week to keep the mess at bay.


  1. Look for all the local wet markets and dry grocers, since they are cheaper than buying from convenience stores and shopping malls.
  2. While it’s fairly easy to grab and book a taxi to get to places, it’s much more economic if you knew which buses, UV vans or jeepneys to ride and the time for off-peak traffic to get to where you want to go.
  3. In your condominium building, remember all of the emergency exits and points of escape in case of evacuations. If the time comes, you’d know where to go.
  4. Whether you’re an owner or a tenant in a condo, you should get to know your neighbors. You don’t have to befriend everyone but for safety purposes, it’s better that you know them and they know you.
  5. Other than your neighbors, you should also get acquainted with the management and security personnel. It can be useful to know someone from the inside who can help you with anything related to condo living and security.


Condo living in the Philippines can be made simple, with the help of a licensed professional. Real estate brokers are well-versed in condominiums in their area of scope. Tell me all about what you’re looking for in a dream home or investment. I will make sure that your inquiries are answered until you come up with a sound decision.

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