5 Ways To Attract Good Luck During Ghost Month

Date: Aug 19, 2019

The Hungry Ghost Festival or more commonly known as Ghost Month is usually celebrated on the 7th month of the lunar calendar. It is believed that it is during this time that the souls of our dearly beloved are allowed to leave the afterlife and roam the Earth.

Embarking on a new project, like purchasing new property, starting new relationships (business or personal), or construction activities are highly discouraged until the Ghost Month has ended. The usual advice is to lay low in everything and anything so as not to anger or upset the hungry spirits as they roam among us for the next few weeks.

But life cannot literally be put on hold just like that. Partnerships and contracts that have been in the works in the last several weeks or months have gained a lot of momentum that to press on the pause button abruptly may be detrimental to either party.

Here are 5 ways to attract good luck during Ghost Month without catching the ire of the wandering spirits.

1. Salt to counter bad energy.

If you’re moving into a new home, or beginning renovations in your current one, sprinkling some rock salt on your front door, by the windows and in every corner of your house is believed to chase away bad juju. A glass of water with salt by your bedside may also drive away hostile spirits that may be hiding in the room.

2. Always keep a pleasant disposition.

Stay happy and cheerful in your home. Keep the lights shining and bright, especially in the corners. Use brightly colored sheets and curtains. In other words, make your home a well-lit sanctuary of peace and harmony. This will counter any negativity the hungry ghosts might bring.

3. Light some incense.

Consider lighting 9 sticks of incense and walk through each room in the house. This is believed to be a cleansing practice. Do this weekly during Ghost Month.

4. Keep those protection charms close.

It is believed that during Ghost Month everyone’s emotions become more excited and even unstable. We must strive to keep our thoughts and feelings in check as often as possible to avoid unnecessary confrontations and fiery exchanges. Keep your lucky crystals, medallions and amulets on you at all times to help protect you from all the negativity.

5. Pray often.

Double up on the prayers during Ghost Month. Prayer, no matter how long or short, is always a reliable protection tool to dispel negative energy.

Don’t let Ghost Month slow you down completely. Whether you’re buying new real estate property or renovating an existing home, it won’t hurt to pay attention to a little superstition for a little peace of mind. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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