A Day In The Condo Life at Makati CBD

Date: Sep 16, 2019

If you ever wonder what a day in the condo life at Makati CBD is like, it’s very simple. Simple yet made extraordinary. Here’s how it goes for me:


05:30 AM - My phone alarm rings after getting only 5 hours of sleep after catching the last full show at the cinema with my friends till 12 midnight. It took another 5 minutes before getting up, thanks to my furry friends (yes, they’re allowed!).

05:35 AM - Breakfast time. I walk around the condo unit barefoot and made my way to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, getting water from the built-in dispenser on my refrigerator. Thank goodness for wooden flooring, otherwise my feet are going to freeze. I wait for the microwave’s ding to announce my breakfast is ready.

05:40 AM - As I make my way to the large window, I gazed at the Makati Skyline and Manila Bay just a little bit before sunrise. The view from my condominium sure is fancy, it feels like I’m living in New York with all the skyscrapers.

05:45 AM  - I have to get ready for my 7 o’clock meeting. I enter the shower. The sandblast from the shower head has a really strong water pressure. Really invigorating. Ready to start my day.

06:00 AM - The marble flooring in the bathroom is cold, I hopped into my indoor slippers and a bathrobe, and walked to my vanity for my skincare routine. Into the washer goes my dirty clothes.

06:15 AM - I went to the next bedroom-turned-closet so I can choose my outfit for the day. But I actually opened the wrong door, I saw my retired parents still asleep on their California King bed. It’s been two weeks and I’m still getting used to living in this 4-bedroom unit.

06:30 AM - I lock my double doors and walk to the elevator lobby. The walls in the elevators are so extra. From the top floor, I descend to the main lobby.


06:35 AM - That was fast. The chandelier in the lobby is a little too bright before 7 in the morning, especially when the golden beige marble floors refracted the light from the ceiling. I approached the concierge desk to submit my visitor’s information, and they’re all executives mind you. Talk about high security. I can even bet the onyx that desk is made out of is bulletproof.

06:40 AM - I’m back in the fancy elevator, off to the second floor. At least my shoes are no longer clunky, since the floor is carpeted. I prepare the meeting room before the guests arrive and have the friendly staff assist me in setting up the media, and refreshments. I’m careful to not damage the luxurious furniture, which basically the entire room is decorated with.

06:45 AM - The participants begin to arrive with their visitor passes on, as they joke away about how one of them has the same bespoke sofa from the lobby as their TV room.

07:00 AM - Finally, the meeting has started and everything is running smoothly as planned, thanks to their fast internet connection.

09:00 AM - I receive a message from my mother, that she’s going to medical center with my father for their monthly checkup. How convenient that it’s only located in the next building.

10:00 AM - Our meeting comes to a close and I invite everyone for an early lunch at the mall, feasting on Japanese cuisine. It only takes one golf cart ride to get there, and it’s free!


12:00 PM - After the business lunch, I invite my elder sister over together with my mother at the exclusive salon and spa within the condominium building, for a little pampering.

03:00 PM - Since we’re all relaxed and fresh from the spa, we decided to unwind and relax in the Private Movie Room on a different floor.

05:00 PM - Back in the unit, we plan our younger brother’s pool party to be held on the sky pool, with the family of course. Since my brother is a fitness buff, we’ll ask the in-house professional trainer of the fitness center to surprise him with a new regimen.


06:00 PM - The ladies prepare dinner on the kitchen island, using the built-in cooktop and rangehood.

07:00 PM - The family sits down for a candlelit dinner on the mahogany dining table.

08:00 PM - My brother and sister goes back to their respective homes. So, time to clean up. The dishwasher is a big help to make things easier.

09:00 PM - My parents head to bed early while I sit down in the living room to watch the news on the mounted flat screen. A storm suddenly surges from my window and caused a blackout in the area. Good thing the entire building has 100% back-up power. The concierge calls the unit through the video telecom to ask about our current situation.

10:00 PM - I’m so beat. I set the water heater slightly higher for a warm soak in the tub. What a fulfilling day.

11:00 PM - I set my alarm for tomorrow and finally go to sleep.

I’d have to thank Mitch Razote for helping me find my dream home in the heart of Metro Manila. Life at Makati CBD feels like an urban oasis with an ultra luxurious build. I don’t have to go far to get things done. You just can’t ever go wrong with the best. Contact Mitch today and let her show you that you too, can live your best life in your dream home.

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