How to Find Great Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Date: Mar 18, 2019

Are you planning on investing in real estate but need advice on how to find a great real estate investment opportunity?

Just like any other type of investment, you would naturally want something that is worth your money that is why you need to do careful planning before buying properties. To put it bluntly, investing basically deals with money, and when money is at play, you’d better play it well and smart.

First thing to do is to define your criteria for selecting a real estate property to invest in. Listing down your criteria means specifying your personal standards in choosing a property. This is a vital step so that the process will become easier and manageable. You have to stay focused on your search and narrowing down the choices based on your criteria allows you to zero in on specific properties that you are interested in buying.

Your selection criteria list may include the location where you’d like your property to be (an area that is susceptible to development and growth), which town or neighborhood, how big the property is, the condition of the property, the potential of the property to appreciate, whether the property fits your budget, etc. Also, determine what type of property appeals to your preferences and resources. Are you looking to invest in a residential, commercial, industrial, or retail type of property?

As soon as you have set your criteria, you can already start looking for real estate properties. There are many different ways on how you can spot amazing real estate investment opportunities. You just have to know where to look.

You may start your search with these resources:

The Classifieds (Newspaper)

This is an old school way of searching for real estate properties. Although most people nowadays turn to technology such as the internet to do their search, looking through the classified section of the newspaper can still offer a remarkable find.

Multiple Listing Service & Real Estate Web Marketplace

Searching through the internet is probably the most convenient and more popular way of spotting a good real estate investment because you can find a collection of available properties by different real estate brokers from any location you want. With the MLS and real estate marketplace websites, you can easily do your search just by navigating the sites, clicking on the listed properties, and gathering the necessary information to help you make a decision before investing.


Learning about real estate investment opportunities by word-of-mouth is probably the most organic way of receiving information. When you let other people know that you are searching for real estate investment, you are most likely to receive suggestions from family or friends through their network. You can also get useful information from blogs and shared content on social media, which fall into the word-of-mouth type of marketing. Shared content and blog reviews of real estate investment opportunities are valuable especially if coming from someone you know and trust.

Outbound marketing

You can try to reach out to sellers through advertising, direct mail, face-to-face meetings, or other marketing techniques.

To sum it up, when spotting a great real estate investment opportunity, you must first define your criteria for selecting the property because this would help you narrow down your choices in the real estate market. Find incredible investment opportunities in several ways like searching through the newspaper for real estate ads, browsing through the multiple listing services or real estate marketplace websites, doing outbound marketing, or by word-of-mouth. You can find great real estate investment opportunities if you first invest your time and effort to do thorough research and due diligence.

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